CEASID Oct 2018 Workshop for Thakur School of Architecture & Planning , Mumbai

Ar. Anshul D Sinha - Asst. Professor, Thakur School of Archi. & Planning, Mumbai - Oct 2018 CEASID


We on behalf of thakur school of architecture and planning want to thank ceasid founder Ar. Shubha mishra for conducting such an intensive and funfilled workshop for our students. The workshop was planned meticulously and executed successfully. I must say that it is a rare to find a passionate teacher, mentor. for the last 3 days we have witnessed your passion , energy and warmth. We are glad that we are here and our batch has learnt under your mentorship. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ur brother, ur support system, The entire staff of Indradhanush environmental centre who provided us their infrastructure to have a lifetime memorable experience. I would also like to thank our students who worked hard relentessly and executed the task. We feel satisfied to see our visions getting translated into outcomes because of ur energy. Its a memorable and worth to share experience with u all. 

Ar. Sujit Jadhav - Asst. Professor , Thakur School of Archi. & Planning,Mumbai - 0ct 2018 CEASID


"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today & creates a vision for tommorrow". 

On behalf of entire young enthusiasts of students & faculties of TSAP (Thakur School of Architecture & Planning, Mumbai) I would like to thank & appreciate the kind efforts taken by Ar.Shubha Mishra Maam during our 3-Day workshop on Earth architecture & suatainibility held in Pune from 21st to 23rd October,2018 at wonderful campus .

Thank you maam for teaching us the following techniques in well explained & informed way ; Soil tests ( inclusive of smell test, touch & feel test, cutting test, water retention test, floor test etc). It was wonderful to get to know about the Soil mixing methods along with stomping, dancing which added a fun element while at work. It was interesting to see students working on making COB balls , ADOBE bricks to create complex structures like domes, arches & vaults. 

Working with this easy to handle material od MUD was extremely important for our students to experience the material handling & creating structures through it. 

Working in groups, taking responsibilites , working in time bound scenarios, management skills, mixing -storage- handling of materials, cleaning of site after work, keeping tools clean & safe, judgement of design along with maintaing aesthetics were few of the take-aways from the workshop. 

The elaborate theory session before the workshop really helped students to see the bigger picture before working. 

On site clear explanations, instructions & guidance th students was really encouraging to see for us faculties.

Design juries & review at the end of the workshop was really helpful for our students to gauge the importance of there work & its presentation to others. 

Encouraging students by giving them certificates & kind words was cherry on the cake. 

Photo documentation & video recordings of this entire workshop shall definately keep the memories alive in near future. We shall definately look forward to work with CEASID in near future. 

Thanks for this unforgettable 3 days of learning, relearning, fun & satisfaction to our vision & fruitful outcome.

Mr. TANMAY , B.Arch 1st yr @ Thakur School of Archi. & Planning , Mumbai - Oct 2018 CEASID


Had a chance to attend cob,adobe workshop at CEASID . The workshop was very helpful as it provided us with practical knowledge about how things actually happen on site. We also got to know the importance of human labour. But here by actually doing the work with our bare hands we got to know the importance of them. Besides architecture thing we also got to learn a lot of things from Ar. Shubha Ma'am . I feel Ma'am has expertise not only in earth architecture but also in psychology. How to handle a person with different temperament is well known by ma'am. Looking forward to attend next workshops as well. Thank you ma'am for this workshop. Also want to thanks Anshul sir, Sujit sir & Kiran ma'am.... 

Ms. DISHA SALHOTRA , B.Arch 1st Yr @ Thakur School of Archi. & Planning , Mumbai - Oct 2018 CEASID


Under the guidance of Shubha ma'am we learned a lot about earth architecture which is very important for us. All these techinques are very important to learn.
Bcz of shubha maam we got such a big opportunity to learn and build these structures and bricks with out own hands. we explored and experienced many things. Thankyou so much maam for sucha greattt efforts and guidance.
It was funn to work with youu.
(Disha Salhotra) 

Ms. SHARVARI PUNDE , B.Arch 1st yr @ Thakur School of Archi. & Planning ,Mumbai - Oct 2018 CEASID


CEASID WORKSHOP at Pune was an amazing experience. We learned about various useful earth architecture techniques like cob and adobe techniques which enhanced our knowledge to great heights. It took us in the depth of earth architecture and gave us an excellent exposure to various materials increasing our material knowledge. The hands on sessions actually educated us in a beautiful manner and made us capable of building sustainable structures on our own and also improved our material using skills. The theory session also gave us great knowledge. I developed immense respect for the masons who work with all their might on construction sites. Ar. Shubha Mishra Maam was really cooperative, kind, polite, fun and an outstanding teacher and mentor. Thank you so much Shubha maam for introducing us to this beautiful concept in a phenomenal way. LOVED THE EXPERIENCE❤❤
Sharvari Punde